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Hello and thanks for stopping in…

This is a family/blog where people can really make a HUGE impact on others, far more than realized!

Imagine this...You are down and out and no one cared anymore! Here at Daves we will not have that!! 

Want you to realize, you will be blessed to pass on your wasted space to someone that drags there legs around in pain. Give it a try, id like to give you a money back guarantee on that blessing but Jesus has me on that! J/s


I was looking to buy a chair a couple years ago for my mom, I set up a buy from a lady in Greensboro. went to hand her the money and she asked.... Whats your story with this?? I explained my plan to her and she told me to keep my money and take the chair And A Lift that we did not discussed?? Now days its hard to find love in all this hate but that one SPARK IGNITED A PASSION FOR THIS! Can you believe that someone was that close to the CASH and walked away without it?? As if material things were but dust in the wind! Thats a great human there! And may she have my blessing when it comes down to it! For helping make me who I am! kept in touch with Joy and shared pictures with her! God Bless! One day when I can, Lets just say...  I never forget! NEVER!

Im just Going to go ahead and ask you……please donate or sale that old or new power chair ,scooter, manual chairs as well. I seen others that don’t have a manual/chair and struggle. Lifts ramps, all sorts of donations are welcome. 

And if you interested, I will even track and document how YOU changed someones life in a BIGGIE WAY!!!…Thanks big time, your newest Best Friend, ~David W~

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