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Dave Cares


Thank you for stopping in. From a young man up I have always had a passion for helping others. Before the electric wheelchair and scooters came along for me, you would find me at Walmart or at church wheeling my grandmother and aunt around in the manual type...I have helped many along the way including my mother with a electric chair as she lost her mobility. For me I see it as easing the stress of already losing your mobility and dealing with depending on others. People have pride!  I want anyone that can't get there.... GET THERE! Hopefully with your hair in the wind. On a funny note.... as we get older things tend to slow down, going 4 to 6 mph on a wheelchair is equal to a 15 mph go cart to a younger person.... I can slow them down to any speed if that is a concern. Whether your hip just got replaced or have had knee or leg surgery. Maybe, you have family flying in or you just don't want to walk that 3 mile journey to where your going let me help. We have a mobile showroom and full service repair, rental leasing and repair of all your power chairs and scooters, and much more. Thank you again for stopping in.                                                                 YOUR NEWEST BEST FRIEND!



Also would like to welcome aboard my newest technician, Amy Wrenn already a engineer, she holds many degrees and is a stickler for perfection.....


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